Welcome to TyBuys - Your Personal Car Shopper, Negotiator, and Automotive Guiding Light!

My mission is simple.  I want to save you as much time and money as possible on your next car purchase or lease.  I'll handle the search and negotiation so you don't have to.  You won't have to deal with sales gimmicks or intimidation tactics any more.  I'm here to help.

I am not a traditional auto broker, in that I do not carry an inventory.  I am not going to push you towards a car that's been sitting on my lot for months.  I'll shop the local lots for you.  I search vigorously to meet your exact needs.  In the case I cannot find your car locally, I will utilize my nationwide search to find the vehicle just for you.  I will arrange to have your new car picked up and shipped directly to your door step (shipping costs will vary).

How does TyBuys work?

1).  You complete a quick information form that tells me what kind of car you are looking for, along with your trade-in information (if applicable). 

2).  You pay $79 via PayPal to begin the search (click the PayPal button on the bottom of this page).

3).  I will send you information about (3-5) vehicles that I think best meet your needs. The search will continue until your needs are met.  I will shop local dealerships and private sellers.  I am confident I will find the car you are looking for.

4).  If you've found the car that's just right for you, that's when I can offer my negotiation services as well.  For a flat fee of $399, I'll negotiate the best possible price.  You'll get my automotive expertise, advice, and recommendations too.  I'll guide you through the entire car buying experience.  I work for you, not the dealership!

Dealerships and "no-haggle" pricing:

Dealerships that offer no-haggle sale pricing are popping up everywhere.  Don't be fooled by this sales tactic.  Unfortunately, thousands of people are losing a lot of money by this. They are locking you in on an inflated retail sales price!  Their pricing is no different than a traditional dealership.  

Can you help me with my lease?

Yes!  I will find the car you are looking for and can negotiate your lease terms as well.

How do I contact you?

1).  Use the "Contact Me" form on the web site and I'll get back to you.
2).  By email:  TyBuys@me.com
3).  Call or Text  (612) 548-1720

Whether you are looking to buy new, used, or lease a vehicle, TyBuys.com can help!

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