"Thanks to “Tybuys.com”, we now have a beautiful 2008 BMW 328xi! We both have such busy schedules that it was a relief to know Tyler was looking for us. He did a great job of looking for cars, all the while taking into consideration our preferences and budget. He thought of things to consider/ask for that I hadn't even thought of. I consider myself a decent negotiator, but not nearly as well as Tyler. He did a great job of playing hard ball with the dealers to ensure we got the best value for our money. Thanks again Tyler! - We couldn't have done it without you!"

-Nikki M.

"I’m not much of a car guy and I really don’t enjoy negotiating. So when I heard about Tyler, I jumped at the chance to work with him. In the end, he got me the exact BMW X3 I wanted, with a minimum of effort on my part and saved me thousands of dollars. If you need a car but dread the thought of getting one, call Tyler."

-Jay L.

"Tyler was a great partner in my recent search for a replacement for my 9 year old Audi. He quickly learned what I wanted in a new car (zippy, great handling), gave me the right advice on which cars to test drive, and then set up the appointments, all in a few days. When it was clear what car I wanted, he became a super-negotiator, getting both a lower price on my new A4 and a higher price on my trade-in, not to mention the pink Audi vest he had them throw in to seal the deal! Thanks to Tyler, I ended up paying not much more than I had paid for my 2003 A4 9 years ago. He’s friendly and easy to work with and very knowledgeable about cars. I’ve already recommended him to several friends and I know they will be as satisfied as I was. Thanks, Tyler!"

-Nancy F.

"Thank you, Tyler.  You saved me $8000 on my new Suburban.  This was the easiest car buying experience!  You've gained a customer for life."

-Jon B.

"We had a great experience with TyBuys!  Tyler presented several options for us and walked us through the pros and cons of each car.  He helped negotiate the purchase, trade-in and even prepped us on all the extra add-ons that the dealer may offer.  We purchased the extended warranty for 1/2 the asking price and left the dealership feeling 100% confident with that we got the best car for our family at an amazing price.  Thanks TyBuys - we recommend this service to everyone!"

-Christine W.

"Working with Tyler was great.  I had just moved from California and we needed a new car.  Tyler took all the stress of this and handled all the leg work.  He suggested different models to consider and handled all the negotiating with the dealership.  Tyler was aggressive, yet professional with the dealers; he saved me over $2000 on the final price.  I have told all of my friends about Ty Buys and the service Tyler offers.  I will never buy a car again without using his service!"

-Steven M.

“Working with TyBuys is the only way to buy a car! Tyler saved us over $5,000 on our 2009 Honda Odyssey, between negotiating a great price and getting our trade-in value as high as it could go. In the end, all we had to do was show up at the dealer, sign and drive. Tyler really makes car buying easy.”

-Jodee W.

"Ty Buys was a great experience and I will definitely contact Tyler again.  He has a very quick turnaround with a great selection of vehicles that fit the requirements of what we were looking for.  When we changed our criteria, Tyler was able to adjust quickly and turn around a new search within hours.  He directed us into a vehicle that was not on our radar at the beginning of our search.  I would highly recommend Ty Buys to any of my friends that are looking to save time and money!"

-Matt C.

"Tyler saved me over $4000 on my new 2012 Volvo S60 and helped to get $500 more than their "final offer" on my trade-in.  The salesperson at the dealership said that this was the lowest price she'd ever accepted for this model, and she had a 2010 "Salesperson of the Year" award on her desk.  I'm so happy that I had Tyler's help with my new car purchase!"

-Katie S.

"Tyler helped me broker a deal in one day!  I am at home with a newborn and had zero time and energy to haggle and deal with car salesmen.  I emailed Tyler, told him what I was interested in, what I had found and asked what he thought.  He immediately sent me other similar options and deals to review.  Then when I had to make my decision, he handled everything with the dealership.  And got me an extra $1,000 for my trade-in.  Totally worth it!  I highly recommend using Ty Buys, if you're short on time and want someone to walk you through the stressful situation of buying a new car."

-McLean M.

"A BIG thank you to TyBuys for finding me the perfect SUV, negotiating an awesome price, and handling my trade-in. This has been my best vehicle purchase experience to-date! Would recommend this service to anyone!  So excited to enjoy my new car. :)"

-Tricia S.

"In the past, I always hated buying a new car.  I never knew if I was getting a bad deal, or buying a lemon.  Tyler's automotive expertise saved me from buying a car that appeared to be a great deal, but was in fact, a salvage titled vehicle.  He stepped in and found me a great car.  I am confident I got the best possible car at an outstanding price."

-Dan R.

"The entire TyBuys buying experience was tremendous!  Like most people with kids, I had very little time in my day to dedicate to finding, evaluating, and purchasing a new vehicle.  TyBuys did it all for me, and negotiated an excellent deal with the seller, including my trade-in.  There is a "right way" to purchase a car, and TyBuys knows all the right steps to follow to get a great deal.  Highly recommended".

-Andrew T.

"Thank you, TyBuys, for finding and negotiating the purchase of our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Not only did you find the exact vehicle we were looking for, but you saved us from the high pressure sales tactics the dealership was trying to employ. You saved us actual dollars on the sale and eliminated the mass frustration of the negotiations. It was super easy to work with you, and I recommend your service to everyone! Thanks again, TyBuys!"

-Perry V.

"Buying a car is a very stressful experience.  Knowing very little about cars, I feel intimidated and dislike the whole negotiating process. As a busy physician, I have very little time or interest to do the appropriate research to find the right car for the best price. With Tybuys, I got my dream car hassle free; and for a great price.  All I had to do was sign some papers, and the car was mine.  It was truly an enjoyable experience.  I would recommend Tybuys to anyone. "

-Andrew G. 

"Thank you, Tyler, for making our search for a Ford Expedition quick and painless!  After getting limited results with a local dealer, you found us a newer vehicle for less money AND was able to negotiate a very sweet deal.  And when it came time to pick up the vehicle, you had it all set up so I walked in, signed the papers and was on my way in 30 minutes!  You truly provide a valuable service, and I am recommending you to all my friends and relatives!

-Todd K.

"Tyler listened to every single thing I wanted and found the perfect car for our family!  He found the car on a Wednesday and by Friday he had the deal complete and was on his way to Chicago to pick it up -- all I had to do was sign!  We should take a weekend vacation with the $2300 he saved us from the car's list price!"

-Kyle C.

"Tyler has an awesome gift! Being a single lady and not from the area I was not looking forward to looking for and buying a new car. I needed something that would handle the snow well and be safe for driving around my future grand-babies! I told Tyler what my must haves were and he found them! When I went to test drive my favorites all I had to do was tell them that I was there to test drive a certain car and they knew I was coming and had the car ready to go! Then I was able to leave without the dealership hassling me because I was able to tell them that Tyler would be in contact with them.  Once we found "the one" he made a deal and it was as easy as just signing my name in a few places! Thank you Tyler! I cant wait to tell my friends about your service!"

-Rita V.

"Thank you Tyler!  Using TyBuys was really the easiest, most pain free car experience I have ever had.  When I came to you looking for a new car, I gave you some ideas of what I was looking for and you came back with over 30 different options, including makes and models that I hadn’t even considered, just to get me thinking about what else was out there.  When you found the one I wanted, all I had to do was walk in to the dealership, sign the paperwork and drive off.  I love my new 540i, your services were worth every cent!"

-Bob C.

“Greatest car buying experience ever! I can't thank you enough for making my cross country car purchase so easy. I saved over a thousand dollars, and had no stress. I look forward to having you assist in my next purchase and can't wait to tell everyone how easy car buying can be.”

-Jeff H.

"Thank you for making my car buying experience so enjoyable. Your professionalism, combined with your extensive knowledge of cars and your ability to negotiate effectively, exceeded my expectations and resulted in a fair price for my trade-in, and the purchase of a beautiful Audi. I would recommend your services to anyone who is too busy to shop around, or intimidated by the process of buying a car."

-Lorraine M-B

"I have had numerous frustrations ineffectively negotiating with auto dealerships.  I decided to give Tyler’s service a try when it came time to trade in my wife’s vehicle.    I received an insultingly low trade-in quote from a dealership prior to hiring Tyler. Tyler stepped in and made the process easy, saved me thousands of $$$, and significantly reduced the time and energy spent. I would not hesitate to recommend Tyler’s service to anyone."

-Brett S.

"Thank you, Tyler for locating my dream car and negotiating a great deal on my behalf!
I am so pleased with your services and will recommend you to all my friends and associates!
Cheers for work well done!"

-Tammy V.

"I used TyBuys this past year to find my exact vehicle, a '07 Audi Q7, for a great price and got a fantastic trade-in value for the car I owned at the time.  It was a hassle-free and timely transaction, and I got exactly what I wanted!"

-Dan C.

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